Métis individuals and families live in affordable and safe housing accommodation.


To contribute, manage and administer affordable and safe housing to Métis urban dwellers.


  1. Board members and staff are accountable to our members and stakeholder groups.
  2. Board member and staff will conduct all its affairs, business matters and meetings in a professional manner.
  3. Board members and staff are responsible to our members and stakeholders groups.
  4. Management mandates and policies are developed in a fair and consistent manner.
  5. Board and management decisions are arrived at through a democratic process.
  6. At all times Board members and staff act with integrity and for the common good of our members and the Métis community we serve.

Goal Area

  1. Accountable, Transparent Governance and Administration
  2. Sustainability and Growth
  3. Safe Housing
  4. Affordable Housing
  5. Tenant Services
  6. Effective Efficient Administration and Human Resources